Friday, April 7, 2017

These tiny pieces of quilted art are so beautiful and no bigger than a postcard. In fact, that's what they are, postcards. They are great small projects that are quick, easy to make, collectible and make thoughtful personal gifts for friends. Sisters Quilting Collective will be having a demonstration and a speaker and we can learn to make these tiny works of art. The demo is 5:30pm Thursday, April 13th at the Oak Park Community Center, 3425 Martin Luther King Blvd. Sacramento CA. This workshop is open to everyone for a $3.00 fee and free to SQC members.

Below is a supply list if you would like to participate. Time is limited so please come early to get a good seat and we can start right at 5:30.

The paper will be supplied and samples will be available.
You will also need:
Elmer's  glue, scissors and scraps of fabric. You can bring your sewing machine but if one is not available you can still put the project together to be sewn at another time. If you are an SQC member and you haven't been in a while, what a great time to come back to try this fun project. For more information call Renae McClainwhite at 916-410-7234. See you Thursday.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

These are three of my easy batik fabric paintings from my last class. I quilted and bordered them with batik fabrics and they are ready to hang.

Quilted Watercolors: Women and the Moon

Quilted Watercolors:
Women and the Moon

Friday, March 31st
10am to 3pm

Raley's Natomas Community Room
4650 Natomas Blvd.
Park Place 2 Shopping Center
Sacramento CA 95835

I can't wait to share this workshop with
you. I have always found peace and comfort in watching the moon especially on warm summer nights. The moon has a special significance for women and there are many legends, fables and stories about women and their relationship with the moon. Over the years the moon's image has found its way into a lot of my artwork and even into a couple of stories that I've written.

This workshop will be another fabric paint and applique piece. You will learn more new techniques that I hope you will use in your other fabric arts or just enjoy the experience of altering fabric as I do.

You will again need your blow hairdryers or heat guns again but I promise, this time we will only need to

use them once. At our last workshop we had to use them multiple times and we really heated up the room. You will also need a, 12" ruler or more and a couple of small pieces of print fabric of your choice, at least 9"x12". Bright colors and batiks work nicely. This is a good time to use up some of your fabric scraps. Trading and sharing your extras is encouraged. We won't need sewing machines because we'll use fusible bonding. If you choose, you can stitch your projects later on at home but it isn't necessary.

Wear something comfortable that you don't have to worry about getting dirty. There is currently still space for 8.

We will be at Raley's Market in Natomas again. They have a great food court where you can buy lunch. Please register on Paypal. See the "Buy Now" button on the Quilted Watercolors page. I will bring everything else we need to create this project. The link to the Quilted Watercolors page is below. If you have trouble seeing the full blog page, click on the "view web page version" button.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Work in Progress, Inktense Color Pencils on Cotton Fabric

This is a fabric art piece that is a work in progress. I'm using Jaquard textile paints and Inktense color pencils with fabric medium on cotton muslin fabric. I'm in the process of quilting it now and next I'll beads and embellishments.

Underground Books

I have been fortunate enough for the last almost two years to have some of my work for sale at Underground Books in Sacramento. Yesterday the business owner and my friend Georgia West (Mother Rose) sent some pictures of some customers who have bought some of my items. I'm always proud and thrilled when someone chooses something I've made. Thank you Georgia for giving my art and designs a home at Underground Books. This is a great place to buy books, CDs and other items that are important and essential to our community. It is also a wonderful venue to see art by local artists and a place for community gatherings and book signings. Support our businesses. Underground is located in the Oak Park Community, 2814 Thirty-fith St., Sacramento. CA.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Work In Progress

This is my current work in progress. It will be a memory doll for a friend. She gave me some small treasures that she has saved and collected over the years. I have incorporated a lot of them in the doll's clothes. The doll will have a little tote bag that will hold the rest of my friend's treasures.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

These are two happy new Cre8tiv Glory doll parents. These three dolls were on display and available for adoption at Underground Books on Broadway St. In Sacramento California. You can adopt your own Cre8tiv Glory doll. There are more of my little people available at Underground Books.

My little boy flat doll bookmarks are ready to raise money for a charity event this month. They will be donated by Sonja Lopes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This IsTanya

  This is Tanya. She is one of my Once Upon A Village dolls.
The inspiration for this group of dolls comes from my favorite artist Paul Nzalmaba.
She is a stump doll with a wooden base and stands about 22 inches tall. She wears a summery two piece strapless dress in a navy blue and yellow abstract print and a straw hat with a yellow bow. She is also wearing a blue and white bead necklace, gold bracelets and long curly hair.
She is also a positive image doll to promote the beauty of African American people. She is available for adoption for $95.00 plus tax and shipping to your address. Email me your interest at

This Is Onella

This is Onella. She is one of my Once Upon A Village dolls. The inspiration for this group of dolls comes from my favorite artist Paul Nzalmaba.

She is a stump
doll with a
wooden base
and stands about
22 inches tall. She
wears a beautiful
Two piece belted
dress in a bold
blue and orange
print, gold earrings
and bracelets and
orange beads. She
has arms that can be 
posed and a pretty a
natural hair style.

She is also a positive image doll to promote the beauty of African American people. She is available for adoption for $95.00 plus tax and shipping to your address. Email me your interest at

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sacramento African Marketplace

Little Otis

This is the cutest little boy doll I've ever made. His name is Otis and his creation is a collaboration between myself and artist Gerry Simpson. I created the soft sculpture body and his red striped tee shirt and rolled up jeans and Gerry painted his adorable little face. Otis is inspired by Gerry Simpson's paintings of children at play. Otis is also the star and main character in Gerry's upcoming book for children. This little guy is Gerry's and will be on display at the GOS... Gallery Boutique on Del Paso Blvd. in Sacramento's Design District. You can also see more of Gerry's paintings, photography and art, my Tribal Energy Burlap Men and cultural jewelry by a local Sacramento artist. For more information about the gallery, Gerry's book and if you'd like your own little Otis (a smaller, kid friendly version coming soon), just message Gerry Simpson here on Facebook. Check out his what I like to call 'joyful' art on his page.


Wild Women Flat Dolls

These are my "Wild Women Flat Dolls". They make great whimsical bookmarkers. These 20 little women are now available, I'm proud to say, at my third retail location where you can find my little people. You can find them at DaDas Art Gallery Boutique. This is another new Gallery in Sacramento located at 3655 J Street, Sacramento CA 95816. I'll post some more info and pictures about this new gallery in my next post. Be sure to say hello to owner Yvette Ewell and don't forget to buy a Wild Woman Flat Doll bookmarker.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Malik is a 21-1/2" tall art pedestal stump doll. He  has an all cotton torso with poly-fill and a wooden base that allows him to stand. His garment is made from a cotton lined burlap with fringed edges. The center panel is a red cotton kente cloth print. He has natural hair dreadlocks and a hand painted mask face and carries a feathered griot walking stick. A friend bought one of my masked dolls a few months ago and called him "Burlap Man". I loved the name because it almost made him sound like a super hero. So, this "Burlap Man" is part of my "Tribal Energy Dolls" collection.

He is a one of a kind art doll, available for adoption. The fee is $95.00 plus tax and shipping. Payment can be made on PayPal. ONE ONLY. First come first serve. Email me at: .