Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Happy Birthday Shake Your Booty Song

Today I got a chance to see what a joy it is to be a three-year-old.
My granddaughter Maya Rose got a great case of the sillies and made up a song and dance called the Happy Birthday, Shake Your Booty Song. She is absolutely into her performance. She wants to be the next I-Carly.
And me, her grandmother, I think she's one of the most beautiful, funny, joyful things that God ever created.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Family Treasures

Families are precious treasures. If you have one (for better or worse) hold on to it like there's no tomorrow because there isn't. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. We never know when we are celebrating our last Christmas, birthday, anniversary or New Year with someone. John Lennon said "Life happens while we're making plans for other things." Divorce, separation, death, relocation, loss of friendships change lives.

What we become use to or comfortable with can be gone in an instant and we don't realize the value of what we had until we reliaze what we've lost.
Sometimes holding on to your dreams is like holding on to a handful of balloons in a hurricane. Sometimes we have to watch them slip away, but we try to keep and protect the ones we still have.

The new year is beginning, and the goal (not just a resolution) is to passionately pursue every remaining dream and to work at making them happen. Advancing forward even an inch is progress.

Give some active thought every day to what the goals are and what it takes to get there. Even if the goal can't be acted on at that moment thinking it through is progress. Don't let thinking be the only action you take though. Sometime thinking can make us complacent, and cause us to procrastinate.

Actively see and visualize the dreams as if you are already there.