Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Work in Progress, Inktense Color Pencils on Cotton Fabric

This is a fabric art piece that is a work in progress. I'm using Jaquard textile paints and Inktense color pencils with fabric medium on cotton muslin fabric. I'm in the process of quilting it now and next I'll beads and embellishments.

Underground Books

I have been fortunate enough for the last almost two years to have some of my work for sale at Underground Books in Sacramento. Yesterday the business owner and my friend Georgia West (Mother Rose) sent some pictures of some customers who have bought some of my items. I'm always proud and thrilled when someone chooses something I've made. Thank you Georgia for giving my art and designs a home at Underground Books. This is a great place to buy books, CDs and other items that are important and essential to our community. It is also a wonderful venue to see art by local artists and a place for community gatherings and book signings. Support our businesses. Underground is located in the Oak Park Community, 2814 Thirty-fith St., Sacramento. CA.