Friday, November 4, 2011

A Finished Project: Glamour Sox Christmas Stockings

Every year I make Christmas stockings to sell. This year, I will be selling my stockings in 3 or 4 different locations in addition to my own space. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I have 2 confirmed locations and 2 pending. Anyway, I wanted to create some very unique designs to compliment the business that will be carrying them. These are some of my first designs for the first location (more info on the location later).

I wanted this set to be beautiful, glamourous and exotic using rich colors and eclectic fabrics.

I had so much fun choosing the embellishments. I used huge rhinestones, beaded fringe, eyelash fringe and animal prints.

I thought about what kind of Christmas stockings would Paris Hilton, Beyonce and Lady Ga Ga buy.

I wanted to share them here with you. Watch for the other collections I've designed for my other ckients.

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