Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I decided to take some time out and get outside for a while this weekend. My first doll entry for the Mermaid show is almost done. Working on this project has reminded me that the creative process is also a series of decisions to be made. The finished project is made up of lots of little solutions for lots of little problems. There is point in doll making for me that after I've worked on a doll for awhile she begins to speak to me. It is then that the process gets easier and she begins to become her on person. 

I went to Folsom California which is about a 15 minute drive from where I work in Rancho Cordova. Folsom was kind of a sleepy little town at one time but it is having a real growth spurt. One of the new major shopping malls that is under development is the Palladio. It is a beautiful center designed to resemble an Italian villa. It has a 16 screen theater and room for over 100 shops. They are only about 15% full right now. I hope that in this economy they will be able to attract the businesses they need to be successful

One of the things that I love about the whole Sacramento area is that it is such a large art based community. There are galleries large and small everywhere. Outdoor art is also everywhere too. There is even a Safeway Grocery store here with a large piece of sculpted art by a local artist at the entry to the parking lot.

The Palladio has wonderful outdoor art too. It was so hot (over 100 degrees) all I wanted to do was get out of the heat but I took a minute to take pictures of these wonderful horses. They are the "Horses de Palladio" by artist  J. Randall Smith. I love the textures, the colors and the shapes that he used to create them. His medium is bronze, resin and clay and the way that he uses pattern is very much like a textile artist. I am  inspired to create a quilt using the same variations in shade and texture.

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