Sunday, October 21, 2012


I actually got a Halloween project finished this year 'before' Halloween. This year my goal is to not try to mass produce but to focus more on fewer pieces that are really good work. In the past I've been caught up in the rush to make tons of 'stuff' for the holidays and I kind of lost the joy of my own art and craft. This year has taught me to choose projects that I really love, create designs that I'm really proud of and to take a leap of faith and present my work to places I've been afraid to try. This plan has been good for me, I haven't had any creative blocks since I've been choosing projects that have some meaning for me. Having my work accepted by different places has also given me confidence and I have a better appreciation for the value of my own work.

This is Brindle. I wanted to make a Halloween witch this year using one of my favorite patterns. I was putting together some doll bodies for some other projects I have planned, and I had a small piece of green fabric in my stash. Of course all of my projects begin with a "what if" so I wondered "what if" I cut out one of my doll bodies in the green fabric. I always do my doll bodies in skin toned fabrics but when I did the 'Dia de los Muertos' dolls, I used white fabric to represent the calaveras/skeletons in Latin culture. Now, I'm open to the possibilities of using other color fabrics to make my doll bodies.

I love the black, orange, purple and green colors that are in so many Halloween decorations so I wanted to use them for Brindle's costume and accessories. She has purple streaked hair, a broom for "transportation" and a jack'o lantern to light the way.

Her witch hat is embellished with an orange flower, purple ribbon and a black net.

Brindle is at The Market Place Folsom at 1325 Riley St. in   Folsom, California and would love to go home with you to celebrate Halloween. The Market Place Folsom is open daily from 10am to 6pm.

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