Monday, December 9, 2013

Old Fashioned Rag Dolls 2013 Page One

I've been making art dolls for a number of years. This year I challenged myself to try something different and I've been making some old fashioned rag dolls. I went online and found some images of vintage cloth dolls and I decided to create my own updated versions of them.


Cordilia was inspired by cloth dolls from the late 1800's. Antique Black dolls from this period are hard to find today. A lot of them were literally "loved to death" by their owners. She is dressed in an old fashioned dress and apron. The red print fabric used for her dress was very typical for little girls dresses of the period.

Her yarn hair is "plaited" into several braids and tied with
blue ribbons. I hand painted her face using a vintage photo
of a child from that period.


Missy is a one piece doll and dress combination. She has a flat, bean bag bottom to help her sit.

She also has a hand painted face and plaited yarn hair.

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