Saturday, April 26, 2014

All The Latest For Cre8tiv Glory

On Easter Sunday, a friend invited me to an amazing Easter service. The pastor's sermon was inspiring and so full of hope. It set the tone for the coming spring season, a hope for new beginnings with opportunities to be creative and...

The next creative cycle for the next new moon begins April 25th, the new moon is on April 28th. I

started the second piece for my long term project during the last creative cycle but this month was full of commitments and I wasn't able to give it a lot of time. I've promised myself three uninterrupted days in this cycle to focus on it alone.

Thank you to the ladies who attended my first Art Doll 101 class of the season. You were a great group to work with. The dolls you made are wonderful and your creative attention during the workshop was awesome. I will get back to you this week with a follow up location so that we can finish your dolls. Thanks also to Jeff Louie and Capsity for providing this wonderful workspace and to Jan Hollins who found this location and for letting us share it with her quilt class. If you missed the Art Doll 101 Flying Dancer Doll Workshop, I will be teaching it again in the next few weeks. I have two tentative locations, a day class in  Citrus Heights and an evening class in Folsom. I am also looking for another location in Sacramento. If you would be interested in taking this class at one of these locations please email me your interest and at which location. I need at least four people to sign up in order to hold each space.

The patterns for the Flying Dancers Dolls and for the Sacramento Jack Rabbits: Ebony Rabbit and Brown Sugar Bunny Dolls will be available next week on PayPal for $12.00 each plus $1.50 shipping on the IDAE blog site . See the drop down menu.

The next Art Doll  workshop at Capsity will be Tribal Energy
This is one of my favorite dolls to make. It allows you to step away from traditional doll making and use non traditional cloth doll techniques and materials. The faces are done in mask style using broad strokes and bright colors and the costumes use beads, feathers, African prints and rustic textiles like burlap, batiks, mud cloth and kente cloth. The inspiration for these dolls came from another African American doll artist. She was a guest on an interior design show. She had created these beautiful African dolls that she made with African passport masks.

The dolls were simple with wonderful textures and details. I made my own versions of her dolls by painting mask designs in place of the faces on my doll heads.

Masks are a part of so many cultures, celebrations and ceremonies. They are part of African, Japanese, Aboriginal, Mexican, Brazilian and other Latin and Asian cultures. I've collected photos of a lot of these masks. Ideas and inspiration for masks can be found on my Pinterest page: "Tribal Energy, Masks"

The Tribal Energy Doll Workshop will be at Capsity, May 22nd from 5:30 to 8:30. The class are $46.00 and $40.00 for SQC members. I have space available for 6 to 7 people. Registration with PayPal begins on May 1st on the Inner Diva, Alter Ego blog site  Class description and materials list will also be available on May 1st.

I want to thank everyone for their donations of their scraps and left over fabrics, yarns and trims for my kids class this week. There is enough for their Mother's Day Doll Project and for future projects as well. This is my chance to introduce this form of textile art to the younger generation. There was a great line in a film that I saw that said we have raised a generation of children who are used to buying everything but they don't create anything. We need designers for the future. I think of some of the futuristic movies I've seen where the populations are either robotic or survivalists. The environments were either sterile or in ruins, there was very little beauty or creativity. Our children are the architects, designers and artists of the future.


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