Saturday, August 20, 2011

R.I.P. My Poor Computer

My computer finally kicked the bucket. It got to the point where it wouldn't let me in at all. So I really have been off-line. I took it to the "computer hospital" this morning. I know I am planning to buy a new one but I was advised to make sure that all my problems are cleared up on my existing computer, I'm hoping to pass it on to my grand kids to help them with homework when they are visiting. Anyway, the "computer doctor" said that he could definitely cure my "baby" and he won't charge me an arm and a leg. Hopefully, I will have a healthy computer again by Wednesday.

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  1. My family bought me new laptop yesterday because my old one was beyond help may it RIP. I realize now how really bad it was. I can get on the internet in seconds now where it used to take 30 minutes or more...and the best thing is that it's in my favourite colour...purple...LOL