Friday, September 2, 2011

A Finished Project: Weeds Need Love Too

Still without a computer. I took it to a place called Tech 2 U, they have a pretty big ad campaign on both television and radio. I thought that they would be reputable because they have such a public presence in the media. It's been 2 weeks and they promised it to me in three days. They said that they had to order a new power cord because they couldn't turn my computer on even though I've been using the same power cable that it came with for years. I only found this out on the 5th day after I called them because they never called me. I let them know that it was bad business not to call customers to let them know what was going on.

The last update I got from them was yesterday. Now they are saying because of the bad weather back east, the delivery of the power cord has been delayed. With all of the computer and electronic stores here in Sacramento they or I could have bought a replacement cord and walked it into the shop. I'm trying to be patient but I'm really annoyed with their service or lack there of.

Anyway, trying to make lemonade out of lemons, I've been using my computer 'down time' to be more creative. My last group of paintings were kind of 'other worldly', 'outer limits' inspired. This group is very 'earthly'. I think we all look at weeds in our lawns and gardens and just want to get rid of them. Lately, I started paying closer attention to the details of some of the weeds I see on my walks and the ones growing by the freeways when I'm driving.

Weeds are kind of interesting to look at when you focus in on them. They are kind of like people. Some of us are cultivated flowers and some of us are weeds but all of us have our own unique beauty.

When you have time, take a closer look at some weeds, you might be surprised.

Weeds need love too.

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