Friday, October 7, 2011

Birds For Breakfast

I was on my way to get coffee and breakfast this morning. I've been in such a creative funk this month. I have good ideas in my head for new holiday craft projects but no motivation to get started.

Halloween is only 3 weeks away and I should be done with my projects and have them ready to sell and share. I should be working on Christmas projects by now.

On my way to Panera, they have great little souffles in a pastry crust, I drove across the river and saw this beautiful flock of egrets feeding and sunning themselves. At first, I just kept driving and then I thought, where is that spontaneity that is part of an artist's and a crafter's creative spirit and personality?

I made a u-turn at the next corner and went back to take pictures of these beautiful birds.

I pulled my car into the river access and for about fifteen minutes, I didn't think about Halloween, Christmas or any other craft projects. It was just me and the birds.

It felt like my creative spirit was waking up from a long nap.

I missed the 10:00am deadline that Panera has for serving their delicious souffles but I can get a souffle any morning. The chance for watching these beautiful birds on the river is rare.

I'm so glad I had birds for breakfast this morning.

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