Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Finished Project: Christmas Cards

I didn't finish all of my Halloween projects but I decided that I'm not late for this year, just early for next year. I packed up all of the orange, black, green and purple, the fabric and all of the patterns I made and put them neatly away in a box for next year.I got an offer last week to put some of my work in a shop at the Brick House Gallery in Sacramento. I am very excited and very honored. I will give you more details when I find out more. I decided that I need to be working on Christmas projects since Halloween completely slipped through my fingers. Last year I designed and created some old fashioned ornaments and some Christmas stockings that did very well. I sold out of the stockings and wished I had made more. The one thing I didn't get to do last year was to create some Christmas cards so that has been my focus for the last couple of weeks.
I love this effect of these Christmas ornaments kind of floating on a black background. It was an idea I had last year but I never got a chance to draw them. Here are the first two designs, I have two more with ornaments almost done and about six more designs that I am determined to finish this year.
I used Prisma pens, Sharpies, Tombow watercolor pens and gel ink.
These are the finished cards. I can't wait to finish the rest and share them with you. Anyone in the Sacramento area can purchase my work at The Market Place in Rancho Cordova and soon at The Brick House Gallery.

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