Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grandma Kizzie

 Grandma Kizzie is 97 years old. She raised 6 children and made sure that they all graduated from college. She now has 19 grandchildren, 48 great grandchildren and 15 great, great grandchildren.
 Kizzie passes on the stories of all of the  ancestors to all of the children. Her favorite stories is about her great grandparents. Her great, grandfather was an escaped slave. He was shot by one of the overseers when he ran into the woods to hide. An Indian woman found him half dead under some branches. Her people brought him back to their village where they nursed him back to health and hid him from the slave master.
 After a few years the Indian woman and the slave were married by the chief and they had two sons and two daughters. The children had brown skin and thick, curly, coal black hair. When the plantation owner saw the children he tried to claim them as his "property". Their mother got between the slave master and the children and cried and told him that they were Indian children and by law he couldn't take them. 
 The children grew up as free men and women. One of the daughters went on to become college educated. She graduated and became a professor at one of the Black universities.
That woman was Kizzie's grandmother.