Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ariah is a 21-1/2" art pedestal doll. She has an all cotton torso with poly-fill and a wooden base that allows her to stand. She wears a beautiful full length cotton, geometric print skirt and matching bra top in shades of turquoise, pink and red.  She is also wearing matching bracelets and waist beads and gold hoop earrings. She has curly natural hair wrapped in a turquoise head wrap. She's carrying a colorful striped tote bag ready to fill with good things from the marketplace.

She is a beautiful decorative doll (not suitable for children, not a toy) from my new "Once Upon A Village" collection. My inspiration comes from my favorite artist Paul Nzalamba. This collection of dolls are faceless which is a style used by many African American artists and doll artists. Without a face, an artist must use other elements to tell the story.

She is a one of a kind art doll, available for adoption. The fee is $95.00 plus tax and shipping. Payment can be made on PayPal. ONE ONLY. First come first serve. Email me at: cre8tivglory@gmail.com .

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