Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Malik is a 21-1/2" tall art pedestal stump doll. He  has an all cotton torso with poly-fill and a wooden base that allows him to stand. His garment is made from a cotton lined burlap with fringed edges. The center panel is a red cotton kente cloth print. He has natural hair dreadlocks and a hand painted mask face and carries a feathered griot walking stick. A friend bought one of my masked dolls a few months ago and called him "Burlap Man". I loved the name because it almost made him sound like a super hero. So, this "Burlap Man" is part of my "Tribal Energy Dolls" collection.

He is a one of a kind art doll, available for adoption. The fee is $95.00 plus tax and shipping. Payment can be made on PayPal. ONE ONLY. First come first serve. Email me at: cre8tivglory@gmail.com .

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