Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extreme Close Ups

I needed a break from sewing so I decided to take a ten minute field trip around the house and take some close up photography. I love my little camera, nothing fancy but it gives me some creative options.

The challenge I gave myself was to see how many simple compositions I could set up with things from around the house and shoot in ten minutes. I wanted my set ups to be colorful with good light, line and detail.

I also need to stimulate my creative energy to plan my next three projects for next week. If I don't think about it now I won't know what I want to complete next week. I'm still on a social networking diet. I am limiting how much time I spend on the Internet so that I can get more accomplished. This is the first week I'm on my networking diet and I have gotten more done. My goal is to complete a minimum of three creative projects a week.

I love the color contrast in these photos and how the light works in them. O.K., the creative wheels are turning. It's almost 11:00 here, back to work for another half hour and then straight to bed.

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