Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TGIT Thank God It's Tuesday

TGIT, Thank God It's Tuesday!!! My first day off this week. My computer, desk and work table for my art are all in my room. I love it, I have a nice sized room and I'm always close to my creative space. This is great because I sometimes have odd sleep patterns where I may have insomnia one week and then the next week I may be up at the crack of dawn. My doctor once told me I could either go on sleeping pills or just get up and occupy my mind until I felt drowsy. I chose not to go on sleeping pills and instead I allow my creative mind to work until I feel naturally ready to sleep. I've been this way for over 20 years and for me it seems to work.

The first thing I see when I wake up every morning are my dolls and my art work. This morning I woke up and my "work in progress" dolls looked like this. Have they been partying all night while I slept?

This week, in addition to working on my male doll I am going to experiment with staining and dyeing fabric to get a more realistic variety of skin tones for my dolls. I've been reading some articles and did some research on different methods and techniques. Can't wait to get started!!

Happy TGIT!

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  1. wow interesting - had a friend once who looked like your male doll, after a few beers, lol.