Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am happy to say that I got my computer going again. It's probably only temporary but at least I'm still connected for awhile. If I can get it to hold on for just about three weeks I can replace it. Anyway, for now, I can keep working and posting on this blog.

This is a doll that I actually finished a couple of weeks ago. I chose Cher as my alter ego challenge doll. I didn't do an abstract doll because I realized I didn't know how but I have set my mind on learning how over the next several months. So watch for new types of designs from me.

I chose Cher as my alter ego because I kind of grew up with her. I was an awkward, shy pre-teenager just about the time that she and Sonny became popular. I was so intrigued by this romantic, married, rock and roll duo and became an immediate fan. I identified with Cher because she was also very shy.

I watched their careers over the years and cheered and celebrated their successes and grieved and felt sadness during their bad times especially when Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident.

I saw Cher's last movie Burlesque. It didn't get great reviews but I was very entertained by ths film. Cher is in her mid sixties and she still sings beautifully and looks great.
Maybe it's plastic surgery and the magic of Hollywood but I still admire this lady who is just a little older than me. It makes me feel like I could and should take better care of myself and try a little harder to look a little better and not so much like an old lady all of the time. I had fun creating her image in cloth. One of the visitors to my booth is also a Cher fan and she was the one who requested this doll so the idea and the inspiration came from her. Thank you to Marcia of Marcia's Place.

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