Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TGIT!!! Thank God It's Tuesday!

Thank God it's Tuesday again. I am so ready for some time off. When I got up this morning I was absolutely dragging. I was tired and burned out. As soon as I got off work and went out of the door I felt energized, awake and alert. The weather forecast is supposed to be great, the rain and storms are gone for a while. I'm looking forward to getting some sunshine and fresh air. I can tell that the good weather is having a positive effect on me because plans and designs for my dolls came so easily after having cabin fever and a bad case of creative block last week. The four ladies in this picture GA Ga, Leticia, Sky and Kiyo have decided who they are and how they will look and we have agreed on their costumes. Even Ga Ga and I agreed on her outfit for a change.
This is my next Asian doll, her name is Kiyo. She has chosen to wear a traditional Japanese kimono. The fabrics will be cotton prints in shades of red, black and gold. She will also wear a beautiful red flower in her hair.
This is Leticia, she is getting ready to dance in the annual carnival parade in Puerto Rico. The evenings are warm in Puerto Rico and Leticia wants her costume to be bright and festive as she dances the night away.

And of course, this is Ga Ga. She's been waiting for her costume for a few weeks now. The biggest problem has been that she and I could never agree on anything. Everything I designed for her just wasn't flashy enough. She's such a diva. Today, I brought home a piece of hot pink patten leather and she decided that it was absolutely perfect. Finally!! I'm sure her intention is to upstage Miley and the other girls in the band.

Sky is still working on her look. She's a hippie girl from the 60's like her friend Star (Star is in earlier posts on this blog) so she wants denim, beads, feathers and tie dye. So we'll see what we can come up with.

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