Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hurray It's Tuesday!!!!

Hurray!!! It's Tuesday, my day off. Because I work Friday through Monday, this is my Saturday. I am looking forward to spending the next three days designing and finishing some of my doll projects.

Last week I was so sick, my creative spirit just wasn't there and I got very little accomplished. My all girl rock band is still in progress. Miley is almost done I'm just down to the details of her costume. GaGa's hair and face are done and I'm making decisions about how her costume should look. The last two members of the band, Vyxsen and Ming are still in my sketchbook but will become part of the band soon.

In the mean time two nice ladies visited my booth and asked why I didn't have any dolls in Asian costume and of course the wheels in my head started turning. They kind of jump started my creative energies. Beautiful, elegant Asian gowns would be a wonderful challenge. Just as my head started working on designs for Asian dolls, I was watching a movie on TV this weekend called the "Forbidden Kingdom" and I think it also said something about the 'Legend of The Monkey King'. This movie was just what I needed to see. The actors wore beautiful costumes from ancient China. I was very inspired.

So in addition to my rock band I've also start two beautiful Asian ladies who will be part of my 'Gloria's Girls' family. That's what I find about doll making, there is no shortage of ideas just a shortage of time to create them. Being sick, I didn't want to do anything but now that I've picked them up again this week I remember how much I absolutely love making dolls.

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  1. I like the way you are figuring the placements for eyes and face parts! LOL
    I never thought of doing it that way. Thank you for posting this picture.
    I am gonna bollow your flog....LOL
    oops I meant follow you blog..... Ha ha
    will you come follow mine!
    thanks againg peggy