Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"D" is for Dolls, Display and Deadline

I usually start my Tuesday blog with TGIT, Thank God It's Tuesday! Because I work Friday through Monday, my "weekend" begins on Tuesday and I look forward to spending time on my own interests and hobbies. Today, "D" is of course for me for dolls, my favorite creative expression.

This "weekend" I have also given myself a deadline to finish four new dolls before Saturday. Here in Sacramento we have a Second Saturday Artwalk every month. This month the gallery/crafts and collectibles center that I work for is hosting an event. I already have about 17 dolls on display and the three in the photo above are ready to go. I have about 20 more in various stages of being finished and I would love to add at least four more by Saturday. Send me your good vibes and I know I will complete this task by my deadline. I can't wait to share them here with you. You will have the first preview of my new "Gloria's Girls" dolls.


  1. The dolls will get done because you want them done. They are fabulous!

  2. HI, Love the dolls! You can get it done, Ia m sure.