Friday, April 8, 2011

"G" is for grey clouds

I have always loved watching the sky and watching clouds. They always seemed so peaceful and dream like. But this year we have had several severe storm warnings in this area. For the first time in history, Sacramento has had five small but destructive tornadoes in a period of less than two months. I have lived in California my whole life and I am so used to our weather patterns, I know what to expect each year with an occasional, unique occurrence. I have never heard severe storm warnings to take shelter in a solid structure or under ground until this year.

Yesterday there was blue skies and sunshine all morning and then all of a sudden another storm blew in like banshee and everything changed. Fairfield is a city about 40 miles west of Sacramento at sea level and they had snow and another tornado hit our area again.

Now when I go out I watch the clouds but now it is with caution. These grey clouds are what I drove into when I went to pick up my son at work at 6:00. Fortunately, they were moving west toward the mountains. I still love watching clouds but grey clouds like these are more nightmare than dream.


  1. You can always tell when there are tornado warnings in Missouri.
    Everybody goes outside to watch.

    *loves stormy clouds*

  2. a good weather for blankets, a movie, and cocoa!