Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"V" is for veg-out, vanilla ice cream and The Voice

This evening I decided it was time to slow down and give myself some time away from commitments and other obligations. Sometimes being a couch potato is just what you need, especially when you're trying to get a lot done and you don't feel well. So, tonight I decided to 'veg-out' and get lost in television. I have to admit that some of the reality shows are a great escape.

What goes best with T.V. when your in veg-out mode? A dish of vanilla ice cream. Don't worry, I do watch my calories and get plenty of exercise every week but for a few hours this evening I put that aside too.

My television program of choice was the premiere of 'The Voice'. It wasn't a bad program, a little different than the popularity contest that 'American Idol' has become but we'll see as the weeks go along.

Anyway, "V" is for veg-out, vanilla ice cream and The Voice.

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