Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Angel Naomi

This is Sunday, so we have a day off from the A to Z challenge. Just one more week left, six more letters. I have met so many great people and discovered some interesting blogs that have become part of my routine to check on.

But since this is a day off from the A to Z challenge I will use it to post one of my finished dolls. She was actually finished a couple of months ago for a cloth doll challenge. Her name is Naomi and she was one of my entries to create an angel doll. I finished her so quickly that I had more than enough time to finish a second angel that I will also post later.

Naomi is my first angel doll. When I was looking for ideas and inspiration for this project on the Internet I googled angels and in the search the Victoria Secret Angels came up too.

I hadn't planned to do an angel doll in lingerie but I was inspired by the faces 0f two of the models. This doll was inspired by Naomi Campbell. The story that I wrote on this doll's personality card was that she used to be a famous model who had a bad temper and needed anger management because she had a bad habit of throwing things at people when she got mad. Now she's an angel and she protects housekeepers and personal assistants.

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