Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for...

A is for APRIL and again I will try to do the A to Z challenge. I was successful my first year and was able to complete the challenge. Last year I didn't do as well and only got through the first few letters. Work commitments and other projects were more than demanding and I couldn't get to my blog.

APRIL is also ALLERGY season for me although I have to admit that I've been sneezing since the middle of March.

 Being a doll maker and an ARTIST, I of course want to 'plug' my craft. So, A is for ARMATURE which is the wire and wood frame that most of my dolls are built on and for ART DOLLS my art and craft specialty and for Madam ALEXANDER Dolls.

 A is also for...




three of my dolls who have happily been adopted and have become part of other families.

This is day one, so far so good.


  1. The dolls are lovely! Thank you for sharing them. I've been sneezing lately too! ;)