Tuesday, April 16, 2013

M is for...

M...one of my favorite letters. Hmmm... where should I begin. M of course is for MERMAIDS. Before last year I didn't know much about MERMAIDS except for I would hear my two granddaughters talking about. Little girls love MERMAIDS! Last year I entered a call to artists to create Black MERMAIDS for an exhibit at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park in Charleston, South Carolina. I created two MERMAID dolls

and a MERMAID quilt.

I was overjoyed when all three pieces were accepted for the exhibit and I was able to travel to Charleston for all of the opening events.

M is also for MUD CLOTH and MUSEUM. Being a textile artist I have a love of the beautiful geometric patterns and symbolic prints found in MUD CLOTH designs.

Last summer, I attended an exhibit at a MUSEUM in Oakland, California. A few of my fellow textile artists from Sacramento had quilts and fiber art pieces in the exhibit. I'm very proud to be connected to theses talented artists.

M is also for two of my newest dolls, MARGARET and MAKIBA.

M is also for my dolls MIRANDA, MADELINE, MAIXIU, MARIAH, MARTHA SUE, MEG, MILEY and MARTHA. I guess I really do like the letter M. Good night, see you tomorrow. 

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  1. Textile art is so cool! I've always liked it; I've grown up going to museums and also have a crafty family (meaning a family who makes crafts--not devious!). I've only gotten so far as making very basic little quilt squares, rudimentary knitting, etc. But I love papercrafts and did quite a bit of that for awhile.

    Thanks for sharing your art with us for A to z challenge! I'm finding so many interesting blogs.