Saturday, April 13, 2013

K is for...

I completely missed yesterday. I spent the whole day and evening getting ready for a craft faire I was doing today. I was up much too late which made me exhausted today. I haven't done an outdoor faire in a while and I forgot how much work it takes. It's over and I'm home. It was a beautiful day, there were 88 vendors, lots of beautiful art and craft items but sadly, not many customers. I did OK but would have liked to have done better. Craft faires are always a gamble. Anyway, I owe the challenge two letters. Here goes...

           K is for the KNOTS in my back right now from lifting boxes, tables and a tent. K is also for my feet are KILLING me even after wearing my best most comfortable shoes. K is also for the KIND hearted people at the event who helped me set up and take down my challenging tent.

My dolls whose names begin with K are Kandi, Keisha, Kiyo, Kizzie, King Akili and King Ndemasi & Katy.


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